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Daniel Lanford

I started college with fear and anxiety and uncertainty. I felt shame when I failed. Yet with God's help and my family's encouragement, I was brought from discouragement to joy and freedom. I learned to get my identity from Jesus rather than from my performance. In this book, I share practical steps to help you with your journey. No matter what challenges you are facing, I hope this book will help you to press on and find freedom over fear and discouragement. By God's grace, I never gave up, and here is my story.


Anna Joy Lanford

For too long, I believed the lies of the enemy. I couldn't seem to break free from the prison of despair. My mind was bombarded with lies, doubt, and fear. At that moment, Jesus reached out His hand and offered me freedom. Come with me on a journey as we discover Jesus, the life-giver. Are you afraid? Jesus has come to give you peace. Does the enemy plague your mind with lies? God's word gives you truth and freedom to believe. You can dream again and hope in God's promises for your life and future.


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